Volunteering for a wedding!

This saturday come and help us out serving the guest of a wedding. Lots of love!

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What they say about us...

Trip Advisor, Yelp, Google, Facebook.. Robin is... Trip advisor 4.5 stars Number 314 out of  4754 restaurants in Montréal! Pretty Good! 4.4 stars on Google 4.5 stars on Yelp 4.5 on Facebook Great dinner, loved the vibe, and the helping others by eating well concept! "Robin Hood" restaurant is run as a non-profits, with earnings going to a charity.…

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Beautiful gift certificats

A wonderful gift to offer to your boss, employees, family, friends. You make them happy AND give at the same time to your community.  20$ / 50$ / 100$ coins to make the exact amount of your choice.

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New hats!!

Great new hats for sale. Nice soft double material for the ears. Very warm. Grey with white logo. 20$ + taxes.

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Oktoberfest at Robin thursday 5th of October

Yadelling and Humpapa music! 288-1010

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Music wednesday. 7th of june 7pm. Trio Brasil

Boss nova music. 7 pm. Open to all. 288-1010

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Volunteers party. Free drinks and food and fun!

Monday 19 juin. Come with a friend or alone. If you volunteer often or just came once, we want so see you!! RSVP (514) 288-1010

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Volunteers! Saturday and sunday available shifts!

Come and give us a hand on saturday or sunday. From 10:30 am to 3pm. Pick your shift. Thank you

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Mussel's in april. Mussel's, fries and beer!

Starting saturday the first of april for april's fool day! For real! 22$

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Order delicious meals with Foodora from Robin des Bois!

You can now delicious meals with Foodora if you live less than 4 km from our restaurant. Everything from duck confit to smoked salmon, dahl soup, poutine....can be ordered from our delicious special menu with Foodora.

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New! Pulled pork BBQ "sous-vide to take home

Delicious in your sandwichs, pasta, salades, soups.

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New take-out with Foodora!

You can now order from your home or office a delicious meal in 30 minutes with Foodora. Soups, salads, duck, salmon, poutine, lots of vegetarian and no-gluten choices available.

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Lunch special. Delicious vegan Mujadarah 10$

Lentilles, grilled vegetables and rice. Vegan and delicious for 10$. Vegetable barley is the soup of the day.

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First day of the kids restaurant camp for spring break

Come and eat at lunch and be served by the kids! Everyday except wednesday. They will be serving the women from  Le Chainon to celebrate woman day

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Weddings at Robin

For your weeding, you are looking for a warm space, friendly service and delicious food? 514 288-1010

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Oktoberfest at Robin thursday the 13th of Oktober

Come and have a german beer,  a little sauerkraut and sausage, or  a beautiful glass of white wine from the Baden Baden region.  Prosit!

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Radio-Canada Live Radio Saturday from 2pm to 4pm

Join us every Saturday afternoon from 2pm to 4pm when On n'est pas sorti de l'auberge broadcasts live from Robin des Bois on the CBC's national French network, ICI Radio-Canada Première. You can come have lunch or just have a coffee starting at 11:30am and stay for the show. For reservations, call us at  (514) 288-1010.

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Live Music Every Wednesday Night

Join us this evening for some Brazilian jazz music featuring the music of Marcel A and Francis D'arche, guitar and upright bass duo. Oh, and its not them on the photo! 7pm.

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We served over 100 lunch boxes at the Lunch Beat Montreal Event

Fri, 26 Aug 2016 at 12:00 Avenue du Musée (angle Sherbrooke Ouest), Montréal The Lunch Beat concept is simple: Get together and dance away your lunch hour! In Sweden, Lunch Beat started with 14 friends dancing in a garage. It has since become a social phenomenon that's spread to all continents. Lunch Beat Montréal is…

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Robin des Bois reinvents their decor, their menu and brand for their 10th anniversary!

To mark its 10th anniversary in style, the Robin des Bois, the not for profit restaurant unveils a new decor, a new menu and an updated brand to ensure at least ten more years to serve the community. While retaining its modus operandi, where all the dishes are 99% homemade (except the pasta!) and some…

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