Facing anxiety.

We invite you to attend the conference on anxiety on January 25, 2023 with Patrice Coquereau as speaker.

Duration: 90 minutes with Q&A.

Patrice Coquereau experienced severe anxiety attacks in 1983, when his life went to hell. He reacted very badly after smoking a joint. From that day on, he had to face major panic attacks and roll up his sleeves to succeed in his acting career and go about his daily activities.

He had to re-train all aspects of life, his own having been severely altered following this initial crisis. Taking the subway, the elevator, driving, going on stage or in a plane, even going in a hot air balloon and parachute jumping, the steps were numerous and difficult.

He has learned one essential thing during this long journey to recovery and balance: coping is the answer.

It was the avenue he chose over avoidance. Facing up allowed him to neutralize what was paralyzing him.
Today, he has recovered and shares with you what he has experienced and how his outlook has changed over the past 40 years. He invites you to a discussion at the end of the conference.

Reserve your seats now.