“Community service” in more than one way! Our Youths are amazing!

Avis de Rabbit180 / 01 avr. 2018
“Community service” in more than one way!
I read in the bilingual menu that the servers were volunteers, so I asked our young man how it was that he came to be involved. “Community service” he said, and we realized that he is part a city-wide program in the high schools, where students are mandated to do a required number of hours of community service. What a great training opportunity for them, and their efforts help local civic efforts BECAUSE, this restaurant models itself (tongue-in-cheek) on a Robin Hood approach – their profits are donated to local causes that help those in need. BESIDES that noble approach, we enjoyed the casual atmosphere, the originality of menu choices, and frankly the food itself! They are open till 10pm, so if the show at nearby Espace Go is 90 minutes (often the case) you can still get a tasty meal, or desert afterwards. Now that’s a service to the community at large! Thanks to all.

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