Supported Charities

The Robin des Bois is committed to supporting organizations that make a real difference to vulnerable populations. How do we support these important players? By providing them with meals, access to our spaces for events, financial support, and more.

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Robin des Bois supports the following organizations:

Le chainon

Since 1932, Le Chaînon has supported women facing difficulty, by assisting them in their efforts to reorganize their lives and helping to meet their basic needs. At any hour of the day and night, women in distress can turn to the Chaînon for emergency lodging.

Le Refuge des Jeunes

The Youth Refuge is a day care center, evening and night , whose mission is to help young men struggling and homeless 17 to 25 years and help improve their living conditions .


La Maison du Parc has been serving adults living with HIV since 1991. It offers them accommodation, accompaniment in their physical, emotional and social needs and provides them with palliative care.

Day after day, Accueil Bonneau receives hundreds of people living in a situation of homelessness or at risk. Welcome, compassion, respect, trust and solidarity have guided their interventions since 1877!

Sun Youth works with individuals and families in need in the Greater Montreal area by providing a range of emergency services to ensure basic needs and to maintain the integrity of people , contributing to the prevention of crime and promoting physical, intellectual people through education , sports and recreation.

Santropol Roulant

Founded by young Montrealers in 1995, Santropol Roulant (Meals on Wheels) offers Meals on Wheels service that prepares and delivers over a hundred healthy, nutritious meals every day to people experiencing a loss of autonomy.