Become a volunteer !

Anyone can join our team of volunteers. Each person can bring something of their own to the project by taking part in myriad tasks, either directly in the restaurant or in other associated activities. No commitment required and no experience necessary.

Groups of employees from the same company are welcomed, and so are the members of any organizations who wish to get involved in table service or kitchen prep in a warm and friendly atmosphere.

To become a volunteer, all you need to do is complete the online form. Once we’ve received the information, we will send you a password which will enable you to book your work shifts online. These shifts cover various periods of the day.

What awaits you as a volunteer?

At Robin des Bois, there are two principal types of functions: General Help Kitchen and Table Service.

General Help Kitchen

General Help consists of taking part in various tasks according to various needs at any given moment. These are mostly kitchen tasks. Volunteers help in the preparation of the dishes. The chef supervises the various tasks, which can include washing, cutting and roasting vegetables, dissolving the chocolate, assembling egg whites for our famous meringue tart, etc. On occasion, the volunteers can expect to scour the pans or do light housekeeping in the kitchen.

For General Help, we strongly encourage volunteers to wear comfortable clothes. We also require that everyone wear closed-toe shoes. We provide aprons, cloths and bandanas for hair. It is best not to wear jewelry .

Table Service

The various tasks included in serving tables will attract those with an affinity for direct contact with people. These include greeting the clients upon arrival, explaining the menu and the wine list, taking their orders, placing those in the kitchen, serving the dishes, ensuring quality service throughout the meal, and bussing tables. The manager can also call on volunteers, assemble bread baskets, or to fill the jugs of water.

It is not required to wear the usual restaurant, black and white garb. Clean and comfortable clothes are entirely appropriate. All the waiters wear an apron bearing the Robin des Bois logo. It is best not to wear perfume too strong and have a careful personal hygiene. Beware of noisy shoes.