Become a volunteer!

Everyone is welcome to come and be a volunteer! There are many tasks to be filled and everyone can join… no experience necessary, just bring your cheerful self! You do need to be 16 years of age however. Those between 12 and 14 years old can still join as long as they’re accompanied by an adult.

To contribute, it’s simple: go to the website, create a profile and click on the shift you would like to work (and that’s available). By choosing the date, day or evening shift and the preferred task, and you’ll be able to join us!

What awaits you as a volunteer?

At the Robin des Bois, it’s possible to help out in the dining room or in the kitchen. Wherever you choose to help, you will have fun, on the one hand! And the feeling of helping.

For our volunteers nostalgic for client contactecently, we have created a new task: Hospitality.

The mandate of the Hoptitality volunteers is to:

  • Act as an ambassador for the Robin Hood
  • Create a link with the client, from arrival to departure


As for the work in the kitchen, it essentially consists of:

  • Setting up the kitchen
  • Following recipes (measuring, weighing, peeling, cutting ingredients, etc)
  • Portioning prepared dishes
  • Clean up work areas
  • Working with the kitchen team

In terms of dishwashing:

  • Hand-scrub some kitchen tools
  • Use of a professional dishwasher
  • Put away the dishes and clean the dishwashing area
  • Work with the kitchen team


For the dining room shifts, here are some examples of tasks:

  • Set up
  • Serving customers at the counter
  • Clearing tables and cleaning dish carts
  • Working with the service team


Required Clothing  (we supply the apron) 
• Good general hygiene (clean nails, neutral body odour)
• Clean appearance (no jogging pants, hoodies, old tee shirts)
• Closed toe shoes (no sandals or high heels